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Inspired by Meaning and Truth, Datsme is a Friend Finder App based on Psychology to help you find Highly Compatible Frie

Inspired by Meaning and Truth, Datsme is a Friend Finder App based on Psychology to help you find Highly Compatible Friends nearby.

Datsme aims to create an Intellectual Community⚡

Datsme(Free) focusses on understanding the roots of Genuine Bonding and Friendship through Psychology. Friendship should have Intellect and Meaning at its core. This is where Psychology comes into the picture.
Based on Psychology, Datsme allows you to explore Friendship on the basis of Compatibility, Understanding, Personality and more.

Datsme also provides Professional Psychological Help to people through Online Chat Sessions to ensure the social and mental well-being of all. Healing takes time, but Psychology accelerates it.

Psychology assists the Intellectual of today to make this transition of acquaintances to friends easier.
Friendship with High Compatibility forms a Genuine Bond, with more Happiness and Meaning.
Find your next buddy, acquaintance or friend faster only on Datsme.


We believe that Psychology is the best approach to help us connect with friends sharing High Compatibility. High Compatibility comes from similarities in lifestyle, values, beliefs, perceptions, worldviews, perspectives and more, which is the foundation of Datsme Questionnaire based on Psychology.
In this Hyper-Stimulating World, Compatibility is what holds a Friendship together.


Personality, Mindset and Thought Process have become so important to us. A bond with anyone is better if it has Meaning, Similar Interests & Hobbies followed by an Intellectual Understanding. Similar Hobbies can be so contributing for a bond. Datsme offers a compatible foundation for the bond so that a friend nearby becomes a buddy. How interesting it would be to find a similar personality like yours nearby.


We are the average of the top 5 friends, with whom, we spend most of our time. Friendship with someone has a direct effect on our personality as they connect with us on an emotional level. So, choosing a right friend is an absolute necessity. Time is a commodity and with Datsme, you can connect with a mindful approach to focus your limited time on the type of friends you want to maintain.


Friends have a direct effect on your Energy, Behavior, and Well Being.
Every Friendship influences the perception of socially accepted behavior and benchmark of what constitutes normal.
Subconsciously, You collectively mirror the traits and attributes of your every friend you have.


Datsme Questionnaire : The Datsme Algorithm is like a Personality Test which calculates a Psychology-Based Compatibility with every other person on the Datsme Platform.

Datsme Tag Search : Explore & Connect with people on the basis of Hobbies & Interests. You can apply up to 3 tags at a time from 20 different categories.

Datsme Location Search : Find, connect and chat with friends nearby.

Datsme Map Mode : Find Friends nearby with High Compatibility, Similar Hobbies & Interests on the Datsme Map.

Filter Mode : Filter your search results based on distance, activity and authenticity.

Talk to Our Experts : Chat Anonymously with our experts to get professional advice and consulting.


> Filter people according to Similar Compatible Interests and chat with on Datsme without hesitation.

> Explore profiles and engage in one-liners to break the ice.

“Datsmeers” or The Datsme Community is an Intellectual Community of People looking to expand their social circle based on Meaning and Psychology.
Datsme is trusted for Genuine Friendship. It is where you find a genuine friend with compatible bonding.
Explore Happiness, Explore Datsme.

Datsme is absolutely free to download and use.
Download the Datsme app Now!

Download APK(2.3.0)

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